And The Gnomes Continue

Sales are happening on Oh! Gnomes!…we are all very excited to see any sales. And we are even more excited because we got a some feedback from fans (primarily friends but if they like it…they’re fans). With that feedback we decided that there are certain features that are indeed missing. So here’s the major features we are planning to address.

1. Bushes that gnomes spawn under. You have to squish the bush before you squish or fling the gnome.
2. Parachutes for when gnomes spawn from the sky. If you want to squish the gnome in the sky, you have to squish the gnome and not the parachute.
3. Magic Pixie that you earn after surviving so many gnome waves. You can send her out to retrieve stolen coins in the field and return them to the Groundling.
4. Augmented Reality…yes…it’s just that awesome. But unfortunately, it will be released for Android before iPhone. The iPhone library isn’t released yet (I’m sad too).
5. Psuedo-dynamic Difficulty that tries to maintain player-flow.
6. Various bugs. Yeah. We found some.

We want to hear your ideas for how to improve our game. Thanks for your input thus far.

Written by: Fenyx4

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