Fallen Lords


Heroes Who Hunt Ghosts

Artist’s Log: Net date 0611.5 After being impounded for what seemed like ages, we have finally gotten our clearance from the iOS council. I admit that after spending all those weeks stuck on the ipod-3 station, watching as our applications were rejected one after another, tensions were running high. We’d certainly expected some hardships along the way, but the particulars of this setback had been especially frustrating. We are free and clear to continue our mission though, and I’ve been preparing for this for days now. Our next destination is the Ghost system, only a couple of genres away from the Gnome world. I’m relieved that for the first portion of our survey, I won’t be needing to wrangle with our 3d workflow, cobbled together from little more than free ware and string. No, the first part of the survey is being handled almost exclusively by the 2d workflow that, while old ...