Oh! Gnomes!


The Gnomes are Hiding…

Oh! Gnomes! has stopped working on newer devices. We’ve temporarily removed it from iTunes and Google Play. Once we have it up and working again we’ll be bringing it back!

And The Gnomes Continue

Sales are happening on Oh! Gnomes!...we are all very excited to see any sales. And we are even more excited because we got a some feedback from fans (primarily friends but if they like it...they're fans). With that feedback we decided that there are certain features that are indeed missing. So here's the major features we are planning to address...

Augmented Reality is Just Plain Cool

We’re continuing to go back-and-forth with Apple. Gotta love when you can play the game on our devices but nobody else can. Well…while we’ve been waiting, we decided to bring back augmented reality (AR) for Oh! Gnomes! For those of you that aren’t familiar with AR, it is the idea of virtual images being superimposed on actual reality. With Oh! Gnomes!, the player points his Android at an image on the table and instead of the camera being constrained to a fixed orbit around the Groundling, the player can move the camera upwards-and-downwards, and inwards-and-outwards, and sidewards. It’s kinda like a Wonka-vator. Anyway, we’re hoping to have something here shortly for our Android enabled users. And while we aren’t adding new features to Oh! Gnomes!, we are continuing our work on Ghost. There is something strangely satisfying about rolling dice. Even if they are virtual dice. Karl is creating some beautiful ...

Xcode > Devil

First, the good news: Oh! Gnomes! has been submitted to iTunes Connect for approval. The bad news: it took a week to get it to that point, and will probably find out if we’ve been approved or not early next week. Hopefully we’ll be approved this first time because I don’t want to have to jump through all of those hoops again. It all started when Xcode version 3.x we were running, and a old version of iOS on the iPod we were using to test were not compatible. To be able to push a build to the device to test, I had to update the iPod to the latest version of iOS (v 4.3.2). That updated it too far ahead of the version of Xcode we were running and we still couldn’t push a test build to the device. So, we updated Xcode to version 4.0.2, but our project didn’t update ...

Xcode = Devil

To all that bought the Android version of the game, thank you very much. And please, send us your feedback, we want to make the game better for you. In fact, we pushed a new build to Marketplace today because of a couple requests; and it’s a lot better because of them. To all that are waiting for the iOS release, again, we are working on it. We are working on it despite Xcode’s hatred of us. We had Unity and Facebook integrated beautifully once upon a time. But because we decided we Xcode didn’t hate us enough, we upgraded to Unity 3.3. Doing so broke our integration. Now we have to do it all again. So…you know, that’s fun. Theoretically, we should be done by the end of the week. …Then we can fight with App Store.


Our newest game, Thwirlee, is now in beta! https://t.co/EWz7QpB37L
We have a new website! https://t.co/drhTzdQtO8
Oh! Gnomes! is back on Android! https://t.co/15XwdxDLLQ

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