Hecate Reaction System Released!

I am pleased to announce that Hecate Reaction System is now available on the Asset Store!

We want your feedback. We want to actively grow this asset with the community.

Hecate Reaction System is a data-driven solution to intelligently trigger effects when objects collide.

Artist? Designer? Setup particle and sound effects when a rock hits a water puddle or a stone wall or any other surface without writing a line of code. Setup footstep reactions when a character walks on carpet, tile, or wood. Programmer? Extend reaction functionality by integrating into system events.

– Easily trigger effects when objects collide
– Built-in custom editor for easy configuration
– No scripting required
– Fast to integrate into your project
– Extendable C# classes for creating custom reaction effect behaviors

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Footsteps triggering different reactions based on substance

Written by: Fenyx4

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